We're two drifters, two lovers with no scrap of future
A dying couple on the dank streets of Lisbon
Will our fear be enough to make us feel alive?
Why am I trying to live through you?

Would you like kids, Odete?
Motherhood means giving up some of your life
Your hands are beautiful, Odete
Touch me but now let me lose myself

My life so empty that gives nothing more
Than the days spent with you
I feel your hysterical jerking of my hips
I'm trying to believe you, touching your lips

Please, please tell me, Odete
Could you replace your lover with me?
Convincing yourself to love is the
To love is the hardest thing

You'll dance on my grave
And you'll fuck my soul
You have the right to lie to me too
I spy on you and envy the love that bound you

I want to try to understand where
The joy starts n fades
Death didn't take him away
Relieve him through me

I'm vulgar, I'm crazy and I'm loving you
C'mon Odete
Sleep on my tomb