King David

Did he come with the water, then record what comes
Every word comes on road
Ooh I understand , understand
You are a jelous one,
I stumbeling stone always after, I have a readline
You are son of David, then wil be your brother
Well doesn’t matter people how I know
Always rolling on some other
Are you the one? Are you the shut
Look here,
Please don’t sit here, going safe, just ride
She ride agaist me
How everyone is dive and burn
Your eyes on the ...
That will be your lost, create that hit
This lost will get on and on
Talk with you and get now next to they
Now wil lay,
When all they get shut and be forever here
All this lunsh will solute it
Ooh you, you should come here
Are you wrakling Like I am?
Are you read the story, you still an employ ...
Don’t force that and a little for something all the hit crowd
When king Davind out, be all for the pain
All this culture be somewhere
You on that, you on that
There is no love
Well seventeen...all this
Ooh you, you want the shine,
There is no other