Masonic Youth

Ooh I am on what’s matter, you have bring the joy
We know how you are ...
Come out and plug and double edges
What is done, I’m dancing, dancing
The piece fading, ...
This darkness turn just one day
Then review just in one day
All that will be with the power with my own heart
In a wide beautiful life under the sea
It all in one direction
I’m loving how you have been at least not you ...
But let me take a hook, but let me take a showty
This is the last we have shut now
Line and circles, line and circles
You just stop and you won’t be
Then the future is all in that beat
How will I’ll be, how will now pass
The buy all in that house
Gonna set all this disorder
Read it in all the cause of maverls
Be quit and take all that
And I chop all by government
Wanna sell it, wanna sell
Hey, what you want?
Sure you want the whole city be quit
A shit to pull out inside of me