Obdurate Obscura

Braided in the hair of the earth
Sweet grass your brother inferior
O obdurate
Do beg to differ
Rolling to and fro
The sleeping camp
A burning lamp
Never the gentleman
Over her shoulder gone

An esoteric enclosure
Abandoned early on
Driven from face to face of the ground
This tiger city prowess
What in the world is better than
Hidden in the light
His silver cup in your sack
Obscure man

Up from His high place
He looks
But there is no man
Casting down imaginations

Verily verily this silver vein
Drawn a blank name
Asleep in the stern
Who dare to wake him
But the innocent

The mountains move
Driftwood light and smooth
The thaw reveals what the ice has hidden
True north
True north given
For the hungry's sake
If you release this man
You'll be no friend of Caesar
The wastes of old
The desolation of the ancients
They raise up
Renew their city
Generation to generation to